Domain DM-720AC Software Update Instruction

     How to update

      1. Unzip the “” file.

      2. Copy and paste the three files to an USB drive.

      3. Plug the USB Drive to the DM-720AC stereo.

      4. Wait for a message pop up then click on “Yes”.

      5. The stereo will start to update then reboot once the update process is finished.

     Benefits and Improvements

  • Fixes an issue where the reverse camera image is not showing.
  • Improves wireless Android Auto connection.

13" Roof-mount Monitor Netflix Update Instruction

     How to update

      1. Copy the “Netflix-6.26.1_build_15_31696.apk” file to a USB drive.

      2. Plug the USB drive to the roof-mount monitor.

      3. Open file explorer on the main page.

      4. Find and run the “Netflix-6.26.1_build_15_31696.apk” file.

      5. Follow the installation instruction to finish the update.

     Benefits and Improvements

  • Updates built-in Netflix app.

CE4M01D Update Files Download