Uniden DFR6NZ Speed Radar and Laser Detector

Uniden DFR6NZ Range Radar Detector

No matter what’s lurking ahead or behind you, Uniden’s DFR6 Range Radar Detector protects you in both directions. Tuned for NZ Redflex cameras, they offer good detection around the 200-meter range. The units also have full band segmentation splitting the K and the Ka SWB into 12 segments. This not only improves performance and reduces false alarms but enables Uniden to fine tune the detector for the best performance in NZ.

Key Features

  • Range: 200-meter range gives you plenty of warning.
  • No false alarms: Full band segmentation splits the K and Ka SWB into 12 segments, reducing false alarms. 
  • Performance: This range radar detector is finely tuned for the best performance in NZ. 
  • Display: This device features an easy to read OLED Display. 
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