Car Parking Sensor & Cameras Installation

At Soundtech we personally recommend the use of reverse cameras and parking sensors for vehicle safety, easy driving and parking. We are one of the largest distributors of reverse cameras and sensors in New Zealand since 1996.


AN ESSENTIAL for safe driving and parking. The sensors are built into the bumper of your car and beeps faster as you approach an object or an object/person approaches you. We provide colour matching at no extra cost and will be able to provide the sensors to match any colour of car.

  • All prices* include installation, LCD display and GST
  • Rear Parking Sensor QJ-408 (Rear 4 Sensors) Installed - $238
  • Front & Rear Parking Sensor QJ-668 (Front 2 & Rear 4 Sensors) Installed - $428
  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors QJ-868B (Front 4 & Rear 4 Sensors) Installed (Only Black,White,Silver color Available) - $388


Add a reverse camera to your car and existing monitor for just $170* or choose from our selection of monitors and rear camera ready DVD units. Please see our selection here.

Terms & Conditions

Exact pricing will depend on car itself (wiring, general complexity) and the type of camera


1 year warranty with certified installer.

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